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Our Story

Our homeland, Vietnam and Indochina, is charming and full of mystery in culture, history and nature.

Founded in 1995 with a steadfast mission to enrich our customers' spirit of life, Lua Viet Tours proudly asserts our attitude: "we care about every detail of the customer experience" to ensure your genuine enjoyment of your journey.

We can cater to any group size and interest, from tailor-made private tours to MICE purposes, in any destination in Vietnam and nearby countries. The knowledge we have will open a new perspective for your experience and lead you to your dream destination.

Moreover, with our extensive network, we can confidently offer our expertise not only in travel to Vietnam but also in research or collaboration with Vietnamese partners in the agricultural and educational fields.

Our Purposes

As our priority philosophy is to improve our customers' spiritual life, Lua Viet not only strives to be the top search result on Google for your travel information but also aims to be your reliable choice in Vietnam.

We are committed to caring for the well-being of our customers by providing excellent quality and high-value services.

We are proud to have a deep understanding of every corner of Vietnam and more than 2000 partners who cover the Vietnam and Indochina market. We are determined to exceed the highest expectations of our customers for each exploration.

There will be no more boundaries, only delightful experiences when you join us on this journey. We honor our mission to lead you to wonderful paths wherever you are. And wherever you go, every moment with us will make you SMILE!

Why Us

Developing the company's core values for customers

What To Expect? Here, We Do More…

Every Lua Viet staff member knows how to make a customer say "WOW"! From the first contact to the end of the trip, the experiences you have will stay in your memory of Vietnam and make you wish to come back again.

Whatever your interest is, just name it and we can do it!

Travel With 100% Passion

That’s the only way we grow.

Travel is not only our hobby, but also our passion.

We are passionate about discovering and showcasing the beautiful landscapes of our countryside. We are always on our toes to share our rich culture by blending with nature and tasting stunning cuisine.

Passion can help us to meet the toughest customers’ requirements and touch our globetrotters’ hearts during their journeys. With our affection, we are eager to become your enthusiastic companions to the neighboring countries of Cambodia and Laos without hesitation.

Race With The Future

From the 90s to the 21st century and beyond, we have not only expanded our country's knowledge, but also advanced our technology working speed.

We interact with customers online promptly within 10 minutes or on the first call, and we are committed to sending suitable offers within 24 hours. By combining this with the rapid payment process, all globetrotters around the world can access, find out the necessary information, and pay safely without concern.

Our Yellow T-Shirt

From Office To Community

Our team is our core. We think: “Better team, better services”. This ensures quality and responsibility for our clients. We boost our staff's fitness and skills with weekly sports. As a result, we can improve our capacity performance to meet our clients' requirements. We are the first travel company to join famous races like Ho Chi Minh City Run, Techcombank Marathon, DaLat Ultra Trail, etc.

We train monthly to share our messages. Moreover, in the process of managing sustainable tourism effectively, we partake in various outdoor activities and use natural resources responsibly. For example, we protect their biodiversity through picking up trash campaigns and cleaning polluted areas

As a result of a positive work ethic, our Yellow T-Shirt staff always tries to present and encourage our valued customers to join and do it together. We believe that "Wherever you go, strive to leave your footprints of kindness" is the best way to have an unforgettable experience and make our journey more meaningful.

We are all aware of the fact that travel and the way we go can have a serious impact on how things are developed these days. Therefore, Lua Viet hopes that we can inspire everyone to awaken their inner power, live up to their best ability and join us to embrace the beauty of life in the best ways possible.


Firmly linked with local governments from the first day and with our knowledge, Lua Viet Tours consistently joins a variety of activities to promote regional tourism and community development. Focusing on humanity and natural resources, we carefully choose our partners who share the same mission to protect the environment by using recycled materials or saving energy.

Especially in the agricultural field, we not only showcase the potential local products and manufacturing capacities to our foreign experts, but we also try to ensure a viable future for our local farmers' output by providing them with market opportunities.

Furthermore, in the educational field, we proudly work with universities that embrace and transmit the messages of sustainable development to their students. By participating in the real activities of local community life, students can exchange their experiences with international ones and help them to understand more about our country's situation.

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